Wednesday, January 13, 2010

30 Days of Justice: With This Ring

3:18 AM

Would you give away your wedding ring if it would save someone's life? How about if it would save 10 lives? How about a thousand? That is the question that With This Ring asks. And if the answer is yes, there is a way to make that a reality.

In the villages and towns of the third world, more than 1.1 billion people — mostly young children — go every day without clean drinking water. As a direct result, these children develop diseases, suffer from malnutrition as a result of diarrhea and other conditions, and often die. And we have the power to save these lives right at our fingertips.

With This Ring (WTR) empowers men and women to donate something incredibly significant and valuable to the tangible efforts of saving lives around the world. They take to heart the command of Jesus when He says that we should sell our possessions and give the money to the poor.
They believe that if we can learn to give radically, we can literally change the world for Jesus. Together! Visit their site to learn more about the gift of standing hand in hand with an African child when the well-drilling rig hits water. And the real beauty of when that child looks the in the eyes and asks why they're doing this, they get to say, “Because there are people in the world who love you so much they’re willing to sell their wedding rings to give you clean water. And you know where that kind of love comes from? It comes from Jesus Himself who died on the cross so you could live.”

It's radical calling to say the least. But men and women across the country are answering this call and making these dreams realities. Whether you have a class ring or a wedding ring, it can go towards building these wells. If you are planning a wedding, use With This Ring to make a radical difference with your wedding by getting The Wedding Well Kit. And tell someone else about this organization. Who knows what could happen.

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Joy Muldoon is a full-time missionary and part-time blogger. Read about her travels, adventures, and missions here!


Rachel said...

My only question about this organization is, is the well/clean water simply given to the people, or are they made to contribute (helping dig, follow-up to keep up maintenance of the well, etc)?

My brother-in-law just returned from 6 months in Mali, and his biggest complaint about relief organizations is that it has made so many African villages lazy - simply waiting saying "the white man's truck will come and help. just wait, they'll come."

Joy Engdahl said...

That's a great question, Rachel. I can't actually answer it. i completely understand what you are saying. The whole "give a man a fish vs. teach a man to fish" scenario. If you're interested, I'd say send them an email and find out!