Wednesday, January 27, 2010

30 Days of Justice: The Spring

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Domestic violence is the single leading cause of injury to women in this country.

What a scary and terrifying experience it would be to be victimized in your own home and by someone you loved. I can't even image the torture and pain these women have experienced. Just as I can't begin to fathom the problem, I have even less of an idea of how to solve it. Thankfully, there are some people who are doing some good, right here in Hillsborough County.

The mission of The Spring of Tampa Bay is to prevent domestic violence, protect victims and promote change in lives, families, and communities. The vision is “to be a premier provider of domestic violence services and a positive force for social change, creating a ‘zero tolerance’ attitude towards domestic violence in Hillsborough County.

Since 1977, The Spring has provided sanctuary and services to more than 50,000 abused adults and their children in Hillsborough County. One of the largest programs in the nation, The Spring is the largest of Florida's 42 certified domestic violence shelters and the first in the United States to have an accredited school on site for resident children. The Spring has provided leadership in both legal and legislative initiatives that provide protections for victims, and prepared law enforcement and the judiciary with statutes to arrest and prosecute abusers. The Spring is Hillsborough County’s only certified domestic violence prevention and emergency shelter agency.

During 2008-2009:

• Sheltered 1,287 unduplicated women and men, including 744 children, providing 29,733 nights of shelter. Children attend child care and Hillsborough County Alternative School at shelter.

• Outreach Program provided 9,881 days of service to individuals who did not need shelter.

• All received individualized services that include counseling, safety planning, housing, benefits, legal assistance and relocation, if necessary.

•Community education sessions reached 14,000 individuals in corporations, healthcare, and schools.

The Spring exists to restore peace to violent families. The Spring provides a continuum of services to help individuals, with the goal of preventing domestic violence and helping those who are victims of violence. These services range from primary prevention to crisis services. Transitional housing and support services are also available, to ensure that the victims who seek services at The Spring truly have the opportunity for lasting change in their lives. The Spring provides specialized services for all victims to aid them in rebuilding their lives.

My heart is uplifted by the work that The Spring is doing for my city. I pray that many more come alongside and reach out to the thousands touched by domestic violence every year.

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