Thursday, January 14, 2010

30 Days of Justice: Haiti

3:12 AM
Just two days ago, the country of Haiti was hit with a staggering 7.0 earthquake, the most powerful quake to strike in 200 years. Needless to say, devastation is extreme, with just average day to day living in Haiti being a challenge. With thousands dead, and even more missing, the entire country is in a state of grief. When tragedies like these hit, it is the time for justice organizations to step in and help.

Once such organization is Agape Flights in Venice, FL. This small non-profit serves the purpose of flying missionaries around the world to fight against poverty, disease, malnutrition and injustice. When they heard about the destruction in Haiti, Agape Flights put a plan of action in place. They are collecting donations, both financially and materials, to take to the people of Haiti to help with the relief work. They also have a personal investment in the country, as 130 of Agape Flights missionaries are in Port au Prince. The first flight left early this morning, full of hope and love for the people of Haiti.

Another organization that is year-round invested in Haiti is Project 81. This Tampa-local non-profit is focused on not only meeting the physical needs of the people of Haiti, but also their emotional, mental and spiritual needs as well. They discovered that change for a country doesn't come from one organization or one missionary, it comes from the people within that country. So meeting their needs and empowering them to succeed, Project 81 is working towards changing Haiti by inspiring the people of Haiti. And now with the devastation this earthquake brought, the Haitians will need inspiration and hope more than anything.

I encourage you to find organizations that doing something to help in this time of crisis and to partner with them. Even if you aren't the one to go, your financial donation could also someone else to be there. Let's meet a need together.

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