Friday, July 18, 2008


12:15 AM
I was once heard this statement..."We make plans and God laughs". And I knew it was supposed to mean that we can have all these grand ideas about how our lives our 'supposed' to go, but in reality, only He knows where we are headed. But today I experienced it on a much smaller scale. I thought I knew what today would hold and what I would do, but I had no idea. I worked this morning as planned, but instead of going by the office afterwards, I went home (it closed early). Instead of sewing (which is what I needed to be doing), I watched TV and fell asleep. Instead of waking up in just an hour, I woke up in 4 hours. I moved into a house to housesit, much later than planned and hoped I wouldn't be cleaning dog poop up. Instead of continuing to veg and watch TV, I showered. Instead of waiting until tomorrow to shop for my friend's bachelorette party gift, I went to the mall tonight. I'll pause here to say, I'm not a fan of the mall. I don't really shop for fun. But I knew I had to get this gift, so I made the best of the night. I got it, and decided to keep walking down to the other end, hitting a few stores along the way. When I was about finished, I turned towards Starbucks for an evening recharge and I ran into an old friend. It was God ordained. I had JUST thought of her this week at work because my job was aligning with her new job and I really wanted to talk to her about it. So we talked about that, about dating, about life, about movies and finally, about missions. I shared my heart for girls who have been trafficked and how I felt called to Southeast Asia. And lo and behold, it's her heart too. I had NO idea!! She has been considering Thailand and I have been considering Cambodia. Now that we have made that connection, we are going to DC together for a Day of Advocacy against slavery and trafficking. And we've decided to go to Asia together and get into this ministry together. How crazy and cool is our God???? Just by altering my everyday plans, by causing me to sleep for too long, I was able to have this amazing moment of dream sharing with a sister in Christ. Way cool, God, way cool.