Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things I'll Miss...

2:31 PM
--Walking in the front door and hearing "Joy."

--Taking tons of pictures on Macbook with all the goofy filters

--Being told my room is messy and I need to clean it

--And then having help to clean my room

--Being told my clothes don't match/are not liked

--Getting hugs and kisses goodbye on my knees

--Hearing joyful laughter through my wall

--The natural assumption that I'm in my room. Watching TV.

--Always having to know where a stuffed green frog is

--Waking up too early on Saturdays to Daddy's little helpers

--Smell of pizza dough baking on Sunday afternoons

--Being tackled while just sitting on the floor minding my own business

--Living as a "Garage Dweller"

--Hearing my name yelled through the wall when I'm needed

--TV room concerts

--Sewing days

--Being reminded that kicking people is a sin

--Hugs for no reason

--Throwing random Spanish into everyday conversation

--Reading the same picture books over and over

--Dancing to the Wall-E soundtrack in the kitchen

--Having to know where everything comes from

--Wearing boots together

--Explaining that I have to work everyday

--And explaining why I don't get naps at work

--Being rescued from bugs [real & paper]

--Knowing its time to wake up in the mornings when I hear a car squealing out of the drive

--Standing in the shower on squishy green frogs

--Being called Joy Rhooooodes

--Ked. Amelia. Ilana. Titus.

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Joy Muldoon is a full-time missionary and part-time blogger. Read about her travels, adventures, and missions here!


amelia said...

aww!!! I'm crying!!!! We miss you tooo!!!!!