Friday, September 30, 2011

Abolitionists in Training

10:25 AM
Dear Family & Friends,

I feel like I’m living in a flashback. Just one year ago, I arrived at YWAM Orlando for my Fall Compassion & Justice Discipleship Training School [DTS]…and now here I am, staffing one! 40+ students from all over the world [Russia, Finland, Sweden, Canada, and Norway!] have just invaded our campus to experience God in a new & fresh way for 12 weeks as they prepare to travel to Thailand, India and Dominican Republic. This is an especially exciting school for me to work with, not just because it’s my first, but also because the Justice school is focused on human trafficking awareness & prevention. Twelve abolitionists-in-training are going above & beyond their regular DTS workload, to learn about the injustice of modern-day slavery. Our job is to educate them and inspire them towards prayer & action. Throughout the next 12 weeks, we will be going on prayer drives through the red-light district of Orlando, watching documentaries, engaging in community awareness, and warring on our knees for these victims. It’s an exciting time here at YWAM Orlando!

In personal news, my wedding is just weeks away! As I get caught up in the YWAM whirlwind, I have to remind myself to keep up with all my wedding details as well. Creagon and I have a few opportunities each week to work together, which is such a blessing for our relationship. I love being able to support him in the work he does, and help out where I can. I’ve also moved into my new place. Our 31-foot camper is looking more and more like home! It’s quiet little place, amidst the chaos of the campus that in just 50+ days will be our own.

Thanks so much for all your prayers and support. I appreciate it so much! The students have only been here one week, and already there is revival on campus. Students are praying like never before and we as staff so excited for what God has in store. Please pray for the continued growth, transparency & depth of these students. I’d love your prayers for my time management as well. Between the workday [much more than a 9-5!] & wedding plans, it’s a lot to keep up with, and I just want to give as much as possible to both. Thanks again for your prayers.

Love & Prayers,



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Plans & Wedding Dreams

9:21 AM
Dear Family & Friends,

This coming Saturday, September 17, I'll be joining the No More Foundation for an event called No More Slavery. We will be raising awareness to the greater Tampa Bay area about the injustice of human trafficking, and how to get involved in the fight. I will be sharing about my ministry with YWAM as well. If you are in the Tampa area, consider joining us at the Underground Church [doors open at 5:45pm] for this free event.

This summer has flown by and the fall is quickly approaching! In the midst of wedding planning & dreaming, spending time with the fiancé & introducing him to family and friends, I've also had great success in building my sponsorship team. It's because of my [now our] incredible supporters that I'm able to return back to YWAM Orlando this fall to work with students training to prevent human trafficking both locally and internationally. A great opportunity I had this summer was to partner with the No More Foundation for two events, a Girl's Night Out and the No More Launch Party, to connect with many new friends and share the vision that Creagon and I are able to live out at YWAM Orlando.

I'm moving back to the YWAM property in Clermont, FL, this coming weekend as well into mine & Creagon's new-to-us 31ft camper! It will be my home until the wedding, which gives me the chance to turn it into our "home" by decorating the tiny spaces and creatively organizing. The fall students arrive next week, and I'm so looking forward to being part of the school staff. Through small groups, one on ones, meal times and even free time, I'll get the opportunity to invest in their lives as they gain more of an awareness and understanding of modern-day slavery, discover their own freedom in Christ and prepare for a life-changing 8week outreach to Asia this winter. I'm expecting God to do huge things this fall and can't wait to share it all with you!

Thank you for your prayers, your support and your encouragement. If you or your family would be interested in joining mine & Creagon's monthly sponsorship team, check out our donation page here or send us an email at