Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finding Mr. Right (or something like that)

1:24 PM
So my coworkers have decided that it’s time for me to get out there and meet somebody. Apparently my recent dating escapades left everyone a tad concerned as to my ability in choosing potential suitors. So on their lunch break, they returned with a book aptly titled “1001 Ways to Meet Mr. Right”. Ranging from travel, outdoor, work-related, kid-friendly, and more, this book was filled with tips on picking up guys. So Becca and I have chosen 10 tips for ourselves that we will try out and then blog about, to document the success and failures of this challenge. Here are my 10 for the next 10 weeks:

- Greek Food Festival
- Revolving Restaurant
- Meals on Wheels
- Sex Ed Course [easy enough to find with my job!]
- Neighborhood Block Party
- Jiffy Lube
- Microsoft Office Refresher Course
- Dog Show
- Watching the sun set

I have no idea how this will turn out, but at least it will be entertaining!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here We Go Again!

10:57 PM
It was only a matter of time. And I knew that. God has been calling me this way for quite some time. To a life of wreckless abandon and selfless faith. I've tried to fight it, and I've even tried to run from it. But I knew I'd end up here. Preparing for another overseas missions experience, and laying my future out in front of God.

It's Cambodia this time. Southeast Asia is notorious for its sex trade industry. And the whole human trafficking issue has been a burden of mine for...years. And I've found an opportunity to be the practical hands, feet, voice, and heart of this cause in a dying country. Through the White Doves ministry, and YWAM base, I'm prayerfully considering accepting a full-time/long-term position as a prostitute recovery worker. White Doves offers recovery to women coming out of the prostitute lifestyle, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and vocationally. White Doves is part of a nationwide partnership, linking ministries together in the fight against sex trafficking in Cambodia called Chab Dai. Here's a video put together by some fellow AIM missionaries during their journey with White Doves:

The White Doves from Di Dinnis on Vimeo.

It's a pretty amazing opportunity and I'm stoked and scared. August 15 – 29 I will be visiting Cambodia for the first time and experiencing the ministry firsthand. In this time, I'm praying God will lead me to a clear decision regarding Cambodia and a full-time position there.

I'm asking for your prayers with this upcoming trip. Financially, obviously, I need to get my plane ticket, paperwork, etc.. secure before then. And then safety. I will be making this trip solo, and I'm just praying God's hand over step of the way. And finally, clarity. That God will make it abundantly clear whether I am to pursue this as a full-time gig, or not.

Thank you. For taking this journey with me. I'm rather excited! More to come....