Sunday, January 10, 2010

30 Days of Justice: The Girl Effect

3:26 AM
It's probably pretty obvious by now that I'm sensitive to the cause of injustice towards women. Today's organization is a little different though. Instead of telling you about the awful things girls and women are experiencing around the world, The Girl Effect inspires you see what a difference just one girl can make. This is the awesome video I ran across on Twitter one day, and it moved me so much that I began to pour into this campaign and find ways to implement it's vision into where I'm already working.

Here's the thing. Girls living in poverty are uniquely capable of creating a better future. But when a girl reaches adolescence, she comes to a crossroads. Things can go one of two ways for her – and for everyone around her. One: She gets a chance, gets educated, stays healthy and HIV-negative, marries when she chooses, raises a healthy family, and has the opportunity to raise the standard of living for herself, her brothers, her family, her community, and her country. Two: None of these things happen. She is illiterate, married off, isolated, pregnant, and vulnerable to HIV. She and her family are stuck in a cycle of poverty.

So that's why The Girl Effect exists. To give girls a chance. Because the future of our world is about girls. And boys. And moms and dads. And communities. And cities. And countries. There are many ways to get involved with this great change. For example, give money to send a girl to school. There are 600 million adolescent girls living in poverty in the developing world. By giving one of these girls a chance, you start the girl effect. When girls have safe places to meet, education, legal protection, health care, and access to training and job skills, they can thrive. And if they thrive, everyone around them thrives, too.

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Dana Higgins said...

this video amazeddd me Joy. What an incredible message and idea. :))