Saturday, January 9, 2010

30 Days of Justice: Soul Pancake

3:33 AM
What art made you smart? What song could stand in as your self-portrait? Do we live for the chase? What would you learn to do if you got rid of your TV? These are just a few of Life's Big Questions that users tackle at Soul Pancake. This unique web community exists to engage people in dialogue and discussion about some of the big areas in life: spirituality, creativity, and philosphy. You can discuss a Big Question, take a Creative Challenge, or make a Life's Little List. It is simply a forum of discussion. If you have ever just thought conversations about religion and spirituality were "hippy dippy", think again. This site is for you.

Soul Pancake was created by Rainn Wilson [yes, that Rainn Wilson a.k.a Dwight from The Office] and his son. Together they envisioned a place where you can speak your mind, unload your questions, and figure out what it means to be human. Using social media as a launching place, Soul Pancake has a large presence on Twitter and Facebook. You can even link your Soul Pancake responses to show up on your Twitter updates. Which of course in turn engages more and more people in conversation.

I know this doesn't sound like any of the other justice organizations I've covered during this, but something about Soul Pancake I just connect with. One of my favorite posts was about how a community can care for their homeless, in which hundreds of people responded with their ways to love the marginalized in their city. It's a place for people of all faith's to connect. It's a place to hear and be heard. Often there are religious or faith based discussions too! The Creative Challenges push people to think outside the box with how they see the world around them. When was the last time you were challenged to write a haiku summarizing your past year or to write a letter to your vice [fault, defect, or shortcoming]? I think this generation of young adults, college students, and even high schoolers are searching for meaning and purpose in a way unlike generation before them. And here with Soul Pancake that search is validated and encouraged. And I think that if you call yourself a Christ-follower, being part of these discussions is essential. So check out what Soul Pancake has offer and chew on life's big questions.

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