Wednesday, January 20, 2010

30 Days of Justice: LoveSprout

3:27 AM
We see them everyday. We walk by them, often pretending we don't hear their pleas for help. We wait for our light to turn green and try to avoid eye contact. The homeless are all around us. Those who have made some wrong turns and those who have had life crumble down around them. It's a problem of our country, but a curable one.

LoveSprout is a creative arts non-profit organization, designed to get homeless and runaway teenagers off of the streets and into a life full of nutrition, love, arts and community. It's a community of dedicated individuals who desire to give time and resources to American teenagers and young adults who are not privileged enough to live in a home. LoveSprout is about meeting needs. They are striving to meet physical, mental, and emotional needs which include but are not limited to nutrition, creating a community of love, and providing social services for these youth to give back.

LoveSprout exists for three primary goals:
~to educate America on the increasing number of youth who sleep on the streets of one of the wealthiest nations, and even the less fortunate countries.
~to feed, clothe, shelter and prepare these youth to make a new life for themselves with the support of the community LoveSprout desires to build.
~to use the arts as an outlet for these teens and young adults to find what they are passionate about doing in this world.

LoveSprout is planting it's first seeds on the west coast in sunny California. Donate now to be a part of the movement and change the face of our country.

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