Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Viewing

8:29 PM
Oh the long hot days of summer are here, which I was pleasantly reminded of today when today’s high reached 97 degrees. There’s really nothing like Florida in the summer. Because well it’s hot. But then worse than hot, it’s humid. Every day brings the possibility and air moisture of impending rain. In a few weeks, it probably will start raining everyday. This is hurricane season as we all know. Being a Florida summer veteran, I make sure to balance my hours in the blazing sun with some hours with some cool AC. In addition to tearing through my reading challenge, I’m also going to be catching up on TV missed. If you know me, you are probably thinking what TV do you miss?!? Because I average 10 – 14 shows a week during the fall and spring seasons. But alas, there are some I’ve been excited to start this summer or just catch up on.

The I-Don’t-Have-to-Watch-Every-Episode-to-Like-this-Show Drama: Lie to Me.
A little-watched (?) FOX gem about a team of lie detection experts. Sounds made up, right? These investigators, headed up by Cal Lightman, take on cases ranging from murder and theft, to extortion, adultery to UFO sightings. Through body language, micro-facial expressions, tone of voice, and even breathing, the Lightman Group uncovers the truth, no matter the risk. It’s a great show with clever characters. My favorite aspect of the show is when they catch someone in a lie, their expression will freeze and snapshots of infamous “liars” will then cross the screen with the same expression. Priceless.

The Premium-Cable-Channel-Watch-at-Your-Own-Risk Drama: True Blood
I hesitate to recommend this show to all viewers, but I have to admit, its one I enjoy. It’s the show inspired from the collection of vampire stories I love so much, and these characters brought to life are better [and hotter] than I imagined while reading. Downside to this show? Well, its on HBO, so anything and everything that can be shown on premium cable is shown in True Blood. I have watched the last 2 seasons on my computer, which have allowed to some quick fastforwards through some scenes that were just too much for my viewing. The storylines are excellent, the characters are flawless, but the adult content…over the top. Watch at your own risk!

The Teenage-Girls-Inspired-By-a-Book-Series Drama: Pretty Little Liars.
This ABC Family show only premiered earlier this week, and I haven’t even watched it yet. But the book series flies off the shelf at Borders, and the trailer for the show had me at One Republic chorus. From what I can gather, 4 friends live together in a small town where nothing happens, until a friend goes missing and all of a sudden things happen. Texts from the grave?! Student and teacher relationships?! OK, I may not love this show, but it may be another Gossip-Girl-like guilty pleasure for me this summer.

The It’s-Won-a-Ton-of-Awards-So-I-Should-Give-it-a-Chance Drama:Breaking Bad.
AMC hit it big recently. I love Mad Men (which also starts back this summer!!), a great period drama set in the ‘60s at an ad agency. Then a year or two later, AMC releases Breaking Bad, another original series that sweeps up Golden Globes and Emmy nominations like nobody’s business. And all I really know about it is that’s about crystal meth users (?) or sellers (?) or makers (?). So clearly I don’t know much, but I found it to stream online, so why not!?

The I-Really-Like-Enough-People-in-This-Cast-to-Check-it-Out Comedy: Parenthood.
I never saw the Steve Martin movie (don’t hate), but when I saw the cast for the TV family, I was intrigued. Lauren Graham…yes please! She had me at Lorelai Gilmore. Love this woman. Mae Whitman, whose childhood I remember from One Fine Day, Hope Floats, Independence Day and brief FRIENDS episode, but then grew up into Arrested Development [Her name is Ann. Her…really?] and a Criminal Minds ep. Through in the guy from Coach [Craig T. Nelson] and the chick from that awful Freddy Prinze, Jr movie [Monica Potter], and now that’s a cast! Plus, I’ve heard nothing but raves on this one. So, count me in!

So that’s pretty much what I’ll be watching this summer! Any summer shows for you?

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