Sunday, June 27, 2010

Me & My Toys

2:24 PM
I saw Toy Story 3 this weekend. Leave it to Pixar to just tug away at those emotional heart strings! As I watched teenage Andy deal with leaving his toys behind as he went off to college, I began to look back on my past play things.

As a kid, I grew pretty attached to inanimate objects. From a traffic cone in 6th grade to a 10 year movie stub collection, I had my share of weird attachments. I also had some favorite toys over the years too. I had a stuffed lion that I named Lance. I had CareBears and My Little Ponies galore. I was obsessed with Pound Puppies.

But my favorite toy was Kristy. She was a blue bunny, with a white belly and pink and yellow ears. I remember getting Kristy in my Easter basket one year. I was so excited to get her. My parents hid her in what would be my new baby brother’s room. From then on, her and I were inseparable. I remember one night, I couldn’t find her…I freaked out and tore my closet apart until I did. But eventually, I grew up and I put her in the closet, and left her there. I moved in and out of my parents house, and every time I did, I would see Kristy and smile.

After seeing Toy Story 3, I came home and got Kristy down from my closet. It's funny the feelings we have towards our toys. She’s still in pretty good shape for the 22 years I’ve had her. Maybe I’ll have to save her for the kid I just might have one day…

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Anonymous said...

aww what a cute post :) I've given you the blog of substance award over at my blog