Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Morning Loves

3:25 AM

1. Damask patterns. OK, this is a random one for sure. But it's true! I love a black and white damask pattern. I think its super classy and elegant, but can totally be fun and funky. I have bought several yards of fabric with this pattern for bags and whatnot, and I even picked up some ribbon to class up some Mason jar flower vases! A damask pattern always makes something better!

2. Wall-E. I put this on my list awhile back, but I was reminded how much I truly loved this movie when I re-watched it just the other day. It's simple, yet clever, it's childlike, yet profound, and all in all, just plain enjoyable. Wall-E, set in the "distant" future, is the lone robot left to clean up the earth after humans have left it behind and began living aboard a spaceship. Wall-E entertains himself with showtunes, odd objects, and a cockroach pal. Until his routine is interrupted by a flashing red dot and a white robot named Eve. She's sleek and sophisticated, and Wall-E is instantly smitten. I think I love Wall-E so much because it's just a love story. My favorite part is the first 45 minutes when Wall-E and Eve explore Earth together, and are then taken aboard the spaceship. It's Pixar at its best, and I can't say enough about how much I love this movie! Wall-E's just too cute for words!

3. Monster Trail Mix. I'm a huge fan of trail mix in general, but my favorite is Archer Farms Monster Trail Mix. It's a yummy combination of peanuts, M&M's, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and raisins! It's delicious!

4. Flight of the Conchords. As both a band and a TV show, Flight of the Conchords is fantastic! Bret and Jermaine, two folk musicians from New Zealand, created a TV show that aired on HBO about Bret & Jermaine, two folk musicians from New Zealand. It's brilliant. They are ridiculously funny, and super talented. The show featured them in crazy random situations, and their crazy random songs were the backdrops. I got to see Flight of the Conchords live when they came through Tampa last year. And they were just as entertaining then, as on TV.

5. Amy Butler. Since I mentioned damask patterns that I love so much, I thought I'd also show some love to my all-time fabric designer, Amy Butler. Her designs are so colorful and so fresh. They make any quilt, pillow, bag, or blanket truly pop. Not only is she a fantastic fabric designer, her patterns are super cute too! I've made countless items from her books and patterns. As a beginner seamstress, I appreciate simple, yet awesome, designs to create for myself. For the more advanced, Amy has plenty to offer as well!

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amelia said...

Damask, Amy Butler, oh yeah! And I too LOVE the monster trail mix. I think I ate a whole bag in one sitting once. or twice ;) Happy Monday! Miss yoU!

Joy Engdahl said...

i definitely ate an entire bag while traveling to Cambodia! those are some loooong planes rides! :) happy Monday to you as well!!