Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

3:10 PM
Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! I posted a Morther’s Day blog last month, so I felt compelled to post one for Father’s Day as well. Since this holiday falls in June, its usually celebrated with pool parties and cookouts, but not my family. We prefer the simpler approach. A movie and lunch out. And I found the best Father’s Day card. The front asked the question “What are you doing, trying the heat the whole neighborhood?” I thought that was the perfect card for my dad, because he is always the one to remind us about the A/C, the lights, and the electric bill. And I usually respond by rolling my eyes.

As I was hunting for a Father’s Day card this year, I found it really challenging. I made an observation [which I then heard someone share at church, so I’m not the only one who noticed this!]. Mother’s Day cards are so sweet and sincere, often with a poem or saying with meaning or emotion. Father’s Day cards…not so much. There’s only a few topics they cover…beer, golf, sports, tools, and gas. Finding a sentimental Father’s Day is actually a tough task. Why is that? Is it because we don’t value fathers in our culture? One might think so just by seeing how fathers are portrayed on TV. From Homer Simpson to Peter Griffin, to Archie Bunker, to Al Bundy, TV dads are not the brightest. They may have good intentions and genuinely care about their families, but they are just idiots most of the time. What happened to the TV dads like Ward Cleaver, Charles Huxtable, and Mike Brady? Dads that took an interest in their kids lives. Dads that offered advice to their kids problems. I guess we don’t see these dads on TV anymore because we don’t see them in real life either. The absentee father [physically or emotionally] is sadly all too common these days.

I’m lucky. I have a great dad. He’s always been in my life. He’s taught me so much about techie stuff and computers. He’s very analytical and can fix anything that breaks. He’s awesome at providing for our family, and works SO hard to make sure we are well cared for.

So Happy Father’s Day to everyone out there. Hug the dad in your life!

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