Friday, June 4, 2010

Flying By

11:43 PM
I’ve been feeling old lately. Well, maybe it’s been a gradual thing, but still, I’ve been feeling old. When someone makes a comment how they’ve been driving for a decade, and I realize it’s been even longer for me. Or when I discovered that I’ve been dating for a decade as well. That could be a blog post of its own! Or when I get to celebrate the weddings of friends, or welcome a new baby into their family. It hits me that life is moving by at an alarming rate.

But nothing has made me feel as old than this weekend. My little sister is graduating from high school. We haven’t always been as close as we are now. There are ten years between me and Steph. For awhile there were three of us. But not long after Stephanie arrived, we lost our brother, Andrew, leaving a hole in our family tree.

So through my high school years, Steph and I just existed. Not much a 16 year old and 6 year old can really share. Eventually I stopped going on family vacations, moved out of the house, and around the world, and then back again

I blinked and she grew up. She started driving and applying to colleges. And now, she graduates.

I’ve been lucky to be around for her high school years. I even got to have her work for me for the past two summers! I’ve been able to watch her grow into a young lady, and mature, and develop her own unique interests and talents. I got to take to her to college orientation and help her sign up for classes.

And as I’m about to move on again, and move across the world again, I’m so thankful I’ve been right here for this time. To share it with Stephanie and my family.

So, congratulations our not-so-little any more graduate! I love you <3

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Dana Higgins said...

so precious! :] congratulations steph! and joy, she appreciates you being there for her during all those times more than you can imagine. my sister and i are 6 years and i'm the youngest. i know how it is ;)