Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Letters, Love & Prayers Vol. 3

2:49 PM
Dear Family and Friends!

Just checking in another quick update as the months are flying by! Summer is already here [especially if you live in Florida!] and my departure date is approaching ever so quickly!

This September, I will begin a 6 month Discipleship Training School with YWAM [Youth With a Mission] in Orlando, which will begin preparing me for life as a full-time missionary. The first three months in Orlando will be a lecture phase, and the second three months will be an outreach phase, where we will travel outside of America to put in practice what we have been learning. Our location has not been decided yet, but it will most likely be South Africa. After completing the training, I will then return to Siem Reap, Cambodia, where I will begin ministering full-time [at least a year!] to girls who have been enslaved by the sex trade and are desiring a new life. We will be sharing God’s love and forgiveness and mercy with them, as well as educating and equipping them with new skills as they begin a new life.

As my financial deadline approaches, I’m excited to announce my Training to Reach the World Fundraising Campaign. Through funds raised over the next six months, I’ll meet my goal to have my training fully funded. This is where I need your help. The total amount I need is roughly $6,000 [depending on airfare], and I’m at 10% of that amount currently. To reach my goal this is what I need for the next 6 months:

- 2 Champion donors at $100/month for 6 months. These Champions are committed to not only the gospel being taken to the ends of the earth, but are also invested in my personal mission to Cambodia. They recognize a long-term commitment in myself, and desire to be a partner in this journey.

- 7 Sender donors at $50/month for 6 months. These Senders are excited for a chance to give to a ministry in a part of the world where they may never set foot. They are able to feel invested in the kingdom and eagerly share in my enthusiasm to reach and rescue the lost and hurting.

- 10 Supporter donors at $25/month for 6 months. These Supporters are passionate about God’s work. They are motivated to see that Christ’s love and forgiveness is being shared with others. They recognize the sacrifice on my behalf, and wish to come alongside in support.

- 10 Giver donors at $10/month for 6 months. These Givers recognize a worthy cause when they see it. They see themselves as part of a team being used by God to fund His work. They humbly accept His prompting to do their necessary role with the means given to them.

Please pray and consider how God could be using you to give and invest in this ministry opportunity. This training is the first step of many in moving to Cambodia to reach and rescue enslaved by the sex trade. And I need YOU to get there. Please fill out and return the enclosed card with your information and giving pledge. Each and every gift received is a blessing, and just gets me one step closer to the ministry God has burdened on my heart. I thank you in advance your prayers, encouragement and support.

Please use the PayPal link to the left for online donations, or contact me directly for mailing information. Thank you!

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