Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Morning Loves

9:27 PM
This didn't post this morning! But that doesn't mean I love these any less!

1. Mad Men. 1960's. Advertising. Attractive men. What's not to love?? This AMC show was an instant classic in my book! I love the 1960's, probably the decade I'd chose to live in if I could pick a different one. And advertising was my major. Mad Men is just as much about the advertising men [and women] on New York's prestigious Madison Avenue as it is about the characters themselves. The anti-hero, Don Draper, is so cool you can't help but love him. But then he cheats on his wife regularly, and treats everyone terribly and you can't help but hate him. But he's played by hottie Jon Hamm, who you can't help but stare at! This show is a combination of terrific actors, clever storylines, brilliant writing, and fantastic direction. A must-see!

2. Zunzi's. My mouth waters just thinking about to say about this deli. Savannah, Georgia, is where you would find this little treat. I discovered it with a friend a couple years ago, and anytime I'm in Georgia, I feel compelled to drive to Savannah for Zunzi's. Or if anyone else is either, for that matter! I had my parents bring me back food from there once. What's so great about Zunzi's? Well, founded a South African couple, their recipes are original and flavorful. The portions are more than generous. Their rooibus tea is to die for. Basically it's a food lovers dream spot. I've shared the good news of Zunzi's with several travelers, and made converts of many. Dee-licious!

3. Words with Friends. My favorite iPod app for sure! It's Scrabble...with friends...for free! Word games are my favorite type of board games, and I love to be able to challenge friends to matches, over and over again. There's still a few friends out there I'm DETERMINED to beat [talking to you @DallasH and @Mad_Max!!] and some that stretch my wordplay ability. It's a blast! Check it.

4. Preson Phillips. This totally rockin' band also happens to be the worship band at my church. And the lead singer, Preson Phillips, happens to be my pastor too! One of the things I love most about my church is our unique worship style. Tommy [Preson] writes the majority of the songs we sing, and they are just beautiful. So often I am moved by the lyrics, and its just lovely. Check out their albums, you won't be disappointed!

5. Project Runway. Creativity + sewing + Tim Gunn = a great show. This once-Bravo, now-Lifetime series is my favorite reality show. I really got into it when I started to sew. I'm not one for high fashion, I could barely name 5 designers. But I love the creative process these designers go through. I understand basic garment construction and can recognize quality and skilled work. Tim Gunn, the host, and his catchphrase "Make it Work" are synonymous for hard work and excellent taste. The regular judges, Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum, and Michael Kors, are a blast to watch. All in all, a great TV show!

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