Saturday, May 26, 2012

Once Upon My Life

12:51 PM

Recently I've been caught up in a great TV show called "Once Upon a Time". It's a classic fairytale story, like you've never seen before. See, back in FairyTale Land, the Evil Queen cursed the land, and all fairytale creatures were banished to a land with NO happy endings, our world. So we follow these fairytale characters living average unhappy lives in Storybrooke, Maine. Until a young boy  discovers a book that has all the answers…a  book of fairytales. He believes that everyone in his town is a fairytale creature, and to break the curse, he must find the daughter of Snow White & Prince Charming…and his very own birth mother.  Emma Swan arrives on the scene a skeptic, but in wanting to build a relationship with the son she gave up, she follows along with his fairytale "madness". But every once in awhile, a  character in the "real" world will have a glimpse of the life they were meant to live, but it's fleeting and unclear. And as a viewer, I have the anticipation that more pieces will fall into place, they will get more glimpses of their true selves and this curse will be lifted.

I was praying the other day, and I felt that God gave me this show as analogy for my own life. I think our enemy, Satan, wants to keep Christians lulled into a state of laziness, apathy or obliviousness, never truly awakened to the life we're supposed to live in Christ. And I think we get glimpses of the power of a life in Christ, and it's like a shock to our system, a "whoa, I've never experienced that before", but then we fall back into our apathy. All the while, God is waiting in anticipation for us to wake up and see clearly our destiny and our true selves. I think one of Satan's greatest victories is keeping Christians in active. Jesus said in John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly". How many days do we, do I, allow my life to be anything BUT abundant through choosing the path of least resistance? And how much more does God just want me to wake up and embrace who  He has destined me to be?

Thoughts for the weekend...

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