Thursday, May 17, 2012


8:00 AM
I spend a great deal of my time online. Most often, it's for work. Reading, editing, posting, designing, emailing, get the picture. So why is it that in my free time, I turn to the Internet as well. Surely there must be entertainment beyond the glow of my Macbook screen. But daily I fall victim to the lure of endless entertainment at my fingertips. These are my top 3 timesuckers, as I like to call them.

1. Pinterest. It started with wedding planning...and went down hill from there. I have boards for creative things I want to try to make and yummy things I want to try to bake. I have boards for the places I've gone, am going, and have yet to go. House decorating tips and style ideas, yup got those too! It's practically become my Google. If it's not on Pinterest, does it even exist? Discuss.

2. Goodreads. The lure of a new book. There's not much more exciting than that! With Goodreads, I can actually catalog the books I've read, track progress on books I'm currently reading, and even make lists of books I've yet to read. Maybe it sounds daunting to you, but it's inspiring to me. Anytime a website offers an "Explore" option....I'm hooked. Other readers have gone before me and cataloged books into compelling lists like "Big Fat Books Worth the Effort" or "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die". And to take the cake, Goodreads offers a Reading Challenge. I may not be one for an athletic challenge, but if it's a reading challenge....let me at 'em. This year's challenge, 50 Books in a Year. And according to my graph, I'm 17% ahead of schedule on this challenge. Sweet. 

3. Spotify. Unlimited streaming music at my fingertips. All day, every day, it's  Spotify. Whether I'm in the mood to enjoy a favorite, or venture out to discover something new, I go to Spotify. It's like Pandora on-demand. And ok, if you have the freebie version there are regular ads and it doesn't work on your phone, but whatevs. It's a great product. When I'm really stuck for a tune, I can browse through my friend's playlists and enjoy some of their style as well. Win win.

So there you have it. These are things that suck my time. I'm sure one of these days I'll have to learn something like time management, or I'll become a parent and look back on this post long for the "good ol' days". But for now, I am who I am. Lover of the creative, the written word and the musical verse. And I have the websites to support those addictions

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