Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sports & Fitness for Jesus!

9:00 AM
This quarter here at YWAM Orlando, we are running a Discipleship Training School focused on Sports & Fitness. These students are not just going through the basic DTS curriculum, but are adding  workouts and  sports themed ministry on top of it! They are rockstars! A big part of my job here is putting together videos that capture what YWAM Orlando is all about. So I knew we just had to get one of these students who are working so hard, going for it with God, and really training their bodies to be used for the Kingdom. One of our super talented videographers, Larry Weaver, put this amazing video together! Check it!

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I might need to drive up for a workout with you guys! I'm officially in physical training for my second missions trip, in Jan, to Togo. ; ]

Joy Muldoon said...

that's awesome! can't wait to hear more about it! these students & staff are killing it, that's for sure!