Thursday, May 24, 2012

Travel Bug

9:30 AM
We booked our tickets to London for our summer outreach this past week! And I must say, with a trip now planned...I have the strong desire to travel more. Hazards of being a missionary I suppose, always with one friend or another traveling somewhere new...somewhere exciting. I call it the travel bug. And it's contagious. Just this summer alone, I have friends traveling to London, Amsterdam, Prague, Munich, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, the Middle East, India, Thailand, China...and probably more!  I just get so caught up thinking about the HUGENESS of our world and of our God, and I just want to GO. I think it's this wanderlust, this travel bug, that God put within me to call me into missions. The insatiable desire to see His glory throughout the nations. London is just the beginning of mine and Creagon's adventures together in missions. In years to come, I believe God will send us to India, Nepal, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Iceland, Sweden, Jordan, Turkey and back again. So I as sit here, infected with my travel bug, looking at globes and maps,  I pray for these nations just waiting for the day I get to step foot on the soil 

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