Saturday, June 2, 2012

Give Me Souls, Or Give Me Death

5:22 PM

This was the cry of a radical bunch of soul-winners known as the Circuit Riders. Throughout colonial America they would ride, sharing the gospel to anyone who would listen and discipling as they went. Men like John Wycliffe, Francis Asbury and more! They were forerunners and trailblazers. Before there were churches on every street corners, the Circuit Rider preachers would hold tent gatherings and field meetings. The call was not easy, and the job was not simple. Many of these circuit riding evangelists died before they were 33 years old! Probably not the best recruitment campaign slogan. But these guys were on the cutting edge of revival, and were harvesting and equipping souls wherever they went.

Now, a few hundred years later, I believe that God is raising up another generation of Circuit Riders. Believers willing to GO and evangelize the lost, whether it's on their college campus or to the unreached of China. Believers willing to DISCIPLE and TEACH what it means to be Christlike, holy and godly.

These next two weeks at YWAM Orlando, we are running a training called the School of the Circuit Riders to equip people to do just that. Two hundred and thirty have landed at our campus hungry for this training and impartation. And I get to be a part. As a small group leader, I get to walk through this journey with them, equipping as we go. We will not be limited to the classroom, but will spill out onto the streets of Orlando, using what we learn. Salvation, freedom, breakthroughs and revival to follow.

Can't wait for the amazing stories of God's presence from these next 2 weeks!

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