Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Morning Loves

3:11 AM

1. FRIENDS. If anyone were to ask me what my favorite TV show is, it would be FRIENDS, no contest. Even though the last new episode aired over 5 years ago, it's still my go-to television show. I own all 10 seasons on DVD, and regularly have an episode playing. At least once or twice during a day, I make a FRIENDS reference, either in my head or out loud. Some people have "comfort food", but I have "comfort TV". I have seen every episode countless times, so don't bother challenging me to FRIENDS Scene It [which I own], unless you want to lose. Because I'm pretty much awesome!

2. Nickel Creek. This band is what happens when bluegrass meets awesome. Nickel Creek is amazing. With Chris Thile's vocals and mandolin playing skills, not much else can compare. Super siblings, Sarah and Sean Watkins, make up the other two parts of this trio, and add vocal depth and musical perfection. I saw Nickel Creek live a few years ago, and it was one of my favorite shows. Here's a great video of the band on PBS with a classic, I Should Have Known Better.

3. My car. It's true, I love my car. It's only the second car I've owned. I got my 2005 Saturn Ion back in 2006, and couldn't have been happier. It's taken me to alot of great places, and we have a few more planned before we part ways next year. She's been good to me, despite all my use and abuse. I swear, most days I feel like I spend more time with her than anyone else in my life. So this pic is the day I took her home, and said goodbye to my 'Stang which I had throughout high school. Bittersweet!

4. Texting. OMG, do I love to text. I didn't really jump on this bandwagon until I got my job with Teen IMPACT 2 years ago, and realized that the only way I can get a response from a teenager, is to text them. My life was changed. Now, if I can't text, email or Facebook someone, chances are, I won't contact them. I'm an awful friend as a result! My thoughts have condensed to 160 characters or less, and my spelling/vocabulary has been reduced. idk srsly, y use xtra lttrs. i kno what u mean! jk :) lol

5. Harry Potter. I was a latecomer to the Harry Potter bandwagon. I had several friends that were Potterheads, and I never could see past the "magic" and "wizards" to really give a try. Then finally I did, and I discovered what my life had been missing. Some of the best writing and story telling I've ever read, first of all! The whole series is just so clever and so entertaining, that I went out and bought the whole series, so I can read them again and again. I didn't watch any of the movies until I had read all the books, so when I finished, I planned a huge Harry Potter movie marathon, invited friends and made snacks! It was so fun! I even did the midnight showing of the sixth movie, and dressed up! And I CANNOT wait until the theme park opens over in Orlando next month! Potterhead...why yes, I am!

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