Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Morning Loves

3:41 AM

1. Crime Fiction. I am such a reader, and this is my go-to-genre of choice. Everything from Michael Connelly, to Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child to Steig Larsson. I love trying to figure out whodunit, before the characters in the book do. My absolute favorite are the authors who have the reoccurring character novels, like Connelly's Harry Bosch or Child's Jack Reacher. I love a book that I can read super fast and entertained the whole way through. And for me, it's crime fiction.

2. Ray Lamontagne. Hands down, one of my favorite artists. I love love love his voice! It's smooth and soulful. The guitar and piano accompaniment really just bring it all together in the perfect package. I saw him live and he did not disappoint. Here's one of my favorite tracks by him, Empty.

3. Blogs. Clearly, I love to blog. I enjoy having a place to put down all my thoughts, feelings and experiences. And I love to be able to share them with the blogosphere. I was always a journaler, but blogging has been a fun transition to journaling for an audience! And I love finding and connecting with bloggers too. I'm part of the 20 Something Bloggers network, and have found some great travel, justice, and pop culture blogs like Chase's The Drift or Lindsey's La Dolce Vita. Community is such a part of our culture, and blogging is just another way to find it!

4. Criminal Minds. Since I already shared my love of crime fiction, and so now I will share my love of a certain crime TV show, Criminal Minds. I always said in another life I would have been an FBI profiler, because I've always been fascinated with their work. Criminal Minds has a great cast, from the brainy hottie Dr. Reid to the smart kitschy analyst Penelope Garcia. The season finales leave you with huge cliffhangers that seem impossible to wait for closure. I'm luck though, because I watched 4 seasons in about a month, so waiting for me! I'm not alone in my addiction either, criminal procedural shows [Law & Order, CSI, Crossing Jordan, NYPD Blue, and others] have captivated audiences for years. Criminal Minds is top-notch.

5. My Chair. I picked up this chair at Urban Outfitters a couple years ago, and its the one piece of furniture I refuse to let go! It's moved with me 3 different times and will stay put when I move overseas. It's comfy...and it looks amazing! The bright colors and mismatched patterns have inspired my entire bedroom's decor, just like these curtains I made!

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CR said...

I love Criminal Minds too. I watch CSI all the time but this comes in a close second!

Joy Engdahl said...

i used to be way into CSI, but ever since i found CM, i'm hooked!

Chase said...

so, I'm a couple months behind, but...

Thanks for the shout out! 20SB is a rad community, isn't it? Definitely have met some fantastic people.
It's been too long since I've blogged, but! Expect updates soon!

:) And, heckyes, I love Ray LaMontagne! "Empty" is a great song.