Saturday, May 22, 2010

Love is in the Air

8:59 PM

I feel like I'm living a quote from Love Actually, which says "Love actually is all around". Wedding season is upon us, and for the next three weekends in a row, I'll be attending 3 [actually 6, because I'm friends with the B & G] friend's weddings. I'm always blessed to be invited to someone's wedding, and to share their in joyous union. I can think of few better reasons to celebrate than for love. So here are my friends that are joining in wedded bliss in the coming weeks....

Luke & Sarah, I know this awesome couple because of my church, and I don't know if I know two people better fit for each other these two. For a couple so young and innocent, they know who they are and have been in relationship together for 7 years. Also, Luke and Sarah are some of the most talented/creative people I've ever met. I can't wait to celebrate with them tomorrow!

Dallas & Ali, I adore these two! Another pair of church friends, I couldn't be more excited to attend their big day! Dallas & Ali both have been part of my house church/small group for awhile, and I love seeing their faith active in their relationship. These two love life and each other so much, and are the epitome of working hard and playing hard. Next Saturday is going to be awesome!

Dan & Krysta, this couple I actually know not just because of church, but through my job. Dan is a former Summer Staffer from his high school days, and I met him as a grad volunteer at some events. This wedding makes me especially excited because this is a couple that preached and practiced abstinence until marriage. In a culture where that lifestyle in not common, finding a couple so committed to their purity is rare, and I have the utmost respect for Dan & Krysta.

So that's what will be filling up my free time in the next few weekends! And I don't know if I could find a better way to spend it...

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