Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Morning Loves

3:25 AM

1. Musicals. I love live theater, the stage and especially musicals! I've seen about fifteen shows, from Wicked to Spring Awakening to Sweeney Todd to RENT to Phantom, and they all just spectacular! My first show was Guys & Dolls, and I knew I was hooked. I've even seen shows more than once, like Movin' Out, Wicked, and Mamma Mia! I just have such amazing respect for talent on the stage, it's so raw and real, and nothing is edited. And sometimes I wish my life would break out into a musical montage at any moment...

2. Unhappy Hipsters. This clever site takes pictures from Dwell magazine, and writes witty captions from an unhappy hipster. The caption on this photo I've featured is It cost him a lot of money to look this predictable. This site just makes me laugh...alot.

3. Zachary Levi. This hottie is known from his starring role on NBC's Chuck, a show I am sure to watch weekly. His character is lovable, geeky, smart, funny, and a hopeless romantic...qualities which I translated to Zac himself. I'm always confusing celebrities for their characters! But then I across a cover story of him in Relevant Magazine [one of my favs] and he opens up about his newfound stardom and his relationship with God. I can imagine that Hollywood is a tough community to thrive in, and to be a Christian, it's gotta be even tougher! So my admiration for Zac skyrocketed. Is it possible there are celebrities worth having as role models?? Plus, his singing voice doesn't hurt either. Seriously. He can sing to me anytime he wants...

4. Daisies. I'm a girl, and I'm a sucker for bright colors and flowers. To me daisies are the most romantic and whimsical flower there is. It's simply and elegant. It's plain and white, or vibrant or hot pink. When I was in New Zealand, I found these gorgeous purple daisies, and they just made me happy. So there you go, my favorite flower is a daisy.

5. Poladroid. I love taking photos and editing photos. This Poladroid app I found for my Mac has been so fun to play with! I think Polaroids are so classic and vintage [but so costly!] and this app allows the modern use of a digital camera to merge with the retro Polaroid look. Tons of pictures on my blog are edited through this app, but here are a few of my favs.

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