Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Travels to London

6:50 PM
So we made it safe and sound to London! So excited to be in this great city, and it was quite the journey to get here!

Our departure from Orlando was planned to leave Monday at 7:30pm to our connection through Atlanta. But Atlanta had some crazy storms, and ALL flights in were delayed. So we were able to switch our flights to ensure that we could make our London connection, but it was gonna be tight! We got to Atlanta and RAN to our connection, hoping and praying at 20 minutes to make a connection at that crazy huge airport! But we got there! And boarded! And then sat there....and sat there..and sat there. For 3 hours, we sat in our plane while they figured out what was keeping our plane from flying. About 2am they got everything fixed up, and we were finally off to London! We got in much later than planned, but we are here! And in our new friend's flat in the borough of Tower Hamlets, on the East End of London.

Love my team & love this city. Can't wait to see God's love unleash in this city!!

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