Monday, July 2, 2012

Power of Prayer

9:14 PM

"The 2012 Olympics will be here in less than a month, and the London is getting ready!! Flights are being booked, tickets are being bought, stadiums are being built and athletes are hard at work training their bodies and dreaming of those days to come and how many medals they will win for their country.

But they are not the only ones getting ready.

As the country gears itself up for the biggest sporting event around, the sex industry is busy strengthening its own supply chain of women, readily available to service the needs of men: before, during and after the Olympics. Although it is impossible to gather any accurate estimates on how many women will be sexually exploited as a direct result of this sporting event, it is nevertheless the case that many of the men who come over to work on building the stadium or the tourists who come over to see the games will purchase the body of a woman to meet their sexual needs.

There is much to enjoy and celebrate about the Olympics, however the Games can also work as a reminder of the injustice that occurs with those exploited through prostitution and trafficking for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation (among other things, such as labour exploitation and domestic servitude)."

Creagon and I are preparing to leave for London in just 2 weeks, and we want you to join us in prayer while we are there. Download the prayer pack from Gathering Voices to join us in fighting this injustice in London this summer!

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