Thursday, July 19, 2012

London Ministry: Day 1: Towers, Bridges & Palaces...Oh My!

6:00 AM
This morning we visited the Salvation Army's Cambria House in King's Cross. It's a men's hostel [shelter] which helps once homeless men get back on their feet, find jobs, deal with any substance abuse, and hopefully meet God in the process! We led a time of prayer for the staff of this House, and were able to really encourage them and the work they are doing. Then we got to cook breakfast for the residents, and hang out with them and invite them out to a BBQ next week that we are hosting! We had some great conversations, and I'm hoping many show up next week for our movie night and BBQ.

After our morning at the Salvation Army, we spent the afternoon doing a Justice Prayer Walk on the streets of London. We started at the walk at Buckingham Palace and praying for the royal family. From there we walked to Westminister Abbey, Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Royal Courts of Justice, Temple Church, St. Bride's Church, Old Bailey, St. Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London! It was quite the walk. But in each place we just prayed that God's justice would prevail, His presence would be made known and His word would reign. It was an incredible way to really launch our time in London by getting HIS heart for the city! Here are some pics from the day...

Buckingham Palace! God save the Queen!

Parliament buildings, Big Ben [not pictured], and big red bus! Hello, London!

Westminister Abbey. Oh, so beautiful...

Trafalgar Square, geting all ready for the Olympics!

Royal Courts of Justice. So great.

St. Bride's Church. The most epic wedding church ever!

St. Paul's Cathedral. Speechless.

Tower of London!

Team at Tower Bridge!

The beautiful Tower Bridge!!

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