Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hotel to Hotel

12:29 PM
This past week, we had a couple opportunities to raise awareness about human trafficking with local hotels here in London. It was a really productive outreach activity! Hotels are significant in the fight against trafficking, as they are on the front lines of tourism. Girls who are being exploited may never seen a street corner, but instead be confined to the walls of a hotel room. It's important to have hotel staff looking out for these potential victims.

We printed up flyers [or, leaflets as the Brits say!] from Stop the Traffik about how to identify trafficking and how to contact proper authorities. We then strategically targeted Romford Road in Stratford, not far from the Olympic Stadium and Earl's Court in Kensington & Chelsea, which contains a lot of hotels in a little space AND an Olympic venue. After 2 afternoons of this outreach, we had spoken to over 30 hotels and left information with each of them. We were reminded of our significance in this fight when a few hotels told us they actually had seen suspicious activity in their own hotel, and called authorities as a result!

After seeing the success of doing this in Tampa and Miami before the 2009 & 2010 Super Bowls, I was curious as to how it would be received in London. But the staff was really receptive and I believe we just inspired quite a few new abolitionists!

Praise the Lord!

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