Sunday, July 29, 2012

A GIFT Box Experience to Be Remembered

9:19 PM

Want to see the world and get an education? That's just one of the false promises on the outside of the 7ft. GIFT Box that my team and I worked at Westminster Abbey for the past 2 days. GIFT Box is  a partnership between Stop the Traffik and the United Nations, and it's purposes is draw attention while raising awareness about human trafficking. Each Box features a different kind of trafficking. From sexual exploitation, to  labour trafficking to street crimes to domestic servitude, each Box features stories, statistics, indicators and solutions. 

It was an interesting   experience working at the Box. Tourists and locals came from all over to see the beauty & history of Westminster Abbey. And we had to capture their curiosity enough to hear what we had to say. Some people walked right by, and some avoided us altogether. But a lot of people actually stopped. Some to just stare, and some would come inside and actually engage. 

Westminster Abbey sees about 6,000 - 7,000 tourists every day, and with the increased Olympics tourists, we probably saw even more during our time there! The most important thing we did, I think help people realize that this terrible crime is happening there in the UK, and where they are from too.  So many people didn't even realize that their own nation was contributing to the injustice. Many people were inspired to sign a pledge card committing to  be part of the solution to STOP the traffik. 

It was a challenging and rewarding outreach opportunity, as we served alongside many volunteers from the UK and were able to encourage them in their fight against trafficking. We also met several believers from around the world that were concerned about the issue and we were able to pray with them  and share God's justice with them as well. I think every one that left the Box understood on a greater scale the issue and what their role in it should be. And to us, that was successful.


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