Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who I Am

9:39 AM
This week in small group, we had our students cut up magazines and cover their journals with words, phrases and images of who God has made them to be. It's a real fun activity, and it allows students to put the positive things they like about themselves or see in themselves in front of them everyday! I decided to cover my class notebook as well, and wanted to share with you who I am...

I have been called to GO and make disciples of all nations and I have been made for going places. So many decisions in my life have led to where I am today, and I know its exactly where God has called me to be. Discipling, mentoring, leading, serving, educating and equipping the next generation as we bring the gospel to the nations, and maybe prevent human trafficking along the way, because my God is a God of justice. I see the world with a sense of wonder. Each new place holds a mystery, and the familiar places can feel like new again. Each new person I met, student I encounter, or coworker I serve alongside of, brings an element of God into my life. And that is wonderful. And finally, "flawless has many faces". I'm captivated by this verse in Song of Solomon: "You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you." It reminds me how my Savior sees me...beautiful and flawless. These are the images and words I've chosen to remind myself of daily this quarter. It sums up who I am and where I'm going. Who are you?

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