Thursday, September 30, 2010

What God Brings Together...

9:17 PM
Every week we have time set aside for an "outreach focus". This is a chance for us to pray for our outreach location, in my case South Africa, and get information about the country, the injustice, and the work we will be doing. This Tuesday was our first meeting, and I had the most incredible God moment in there and just had to share.

I knew we were working with the HIV/AIDS infected in South Africa, but really wasn't too sure of the ministry opportunities we would have. Well, as my team leader was sharing about her experiences in South Africa a few months, she spoke about a need that was very dear to her heart and much needed in the country...

A Bible study/teaching on sexual purity.

My mouth just fell open. I couldn't believe it. Of all the ministry opportunities we'd have in all the world, it just happens to be something I've been actively teaching for the past two and a half years. I raise my hand immediately to tell my leader, and she is just as surprised. God clearly knew what team He was placing me on and for which trip. I can be part of writing this study and teaching that could actually change the way the people of South Africa live.

Another speaker shared tonight on compassion, and our role as Christians. He was speaking specifically to our team about HIV/AIDS in Africa. He shared about an experience he had in Uganda. He had the opportunity to talk to the president of Uganda's wife, who just happens to be a believer. And she shared with him her burden for the people in her country suffering with HIV/AIDS. Her solution was to begin teaching a sexual purity curriculum in all schools. Within a few years, the AIDS population in Uganda dropped. Eventually, it became the lowest AIDS populated country in all of Africa.

This is what truth can do. My dream is to bring this to South Africa in just a few short months.

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amelia said...

Joy that gave me chills. How amazing and wonderful! Praying God will give you all the wisdom you need as you work on the curriculum!

Cessie said...

That is so awesome! I love how God does things like that...prepares us when we don't even know it!

Joy Engdahl said...

yes!! its so amazing! thanks for the encouragement guys!

Dana Higgins said...

eeeek! how awesome and breathtaking is God and the way he is changing your life. I am so excited for you to have this opportunity to use previous knowledge and carry impact with you even in South Africa :]