Monday, September 27, 2010

Starting Point.

11:09 PM
Today kicked off our first official week of Discipleship Training School or DTS at YWAM Orlando. The past few days have been an adjustment to life in community, new rules, new faces, and expectations. But now, DTS life is in full swing.

We start each morning with a personal quiet time, from 7am – 7:45am. I groaned inwardly when my alarm went off, but I climbed down from my top bunk. I tried to keep a positive attitude as I made my bagel and coffee and shuffled to the couch. I kept thinking, how would I fill 45 minutes with God when I can’t even keep my eyes open or form a coherent thought this early? I turned on my iPod to my handy worship playlist, and just began to pray, asking God to keep me alert for this time with Him. We have several books we are required to read for our school, and I started the first one this morning. It’s written by the founder of YWAM, Loren Cunningham, called “Is That Really You, God? Hearing the Voice of God”. And surprisingly, I’m enjoying it so far! This whole week is focused on hearing the voice of God, so I was happy to have a book to make it a little more personal.

We have nine weeks total for lectures here in Orlando. Each week has a different topic and a different teacher. This week we are learning to Hear the Voice of God, but upcoming weeks include teachings on Biblical Restoration, Lordship, The Seven Mighty Nations, Nature & Character of God, Intimacy with God, Relationships, Evangelism, Maturing in Christ, Spiritual Warfare and Inductive Bible Study. If today’s lecture was any indicator of the teachings to come, I’m in for a great nine weeks here.

Other aspects of training include a time of worship & warfare, in which we sing and praise and have a time of intercession for our team, our outreach countries, and the upcoming ministry opportunity. We also have what’s called CR, or Community Responsibilities. This could be anything from meal prep, to mowing lawns, to answering phones to stacking chairs. These 10 hours each week are to continue to grow us in ministry opportunities and increase our servant’s hearts. Every Wednesday afternoon, the entire staff & students of YWAM Orlando drive out to the new 198-acre property that has just been purchased for the west campus. This base will allow YWAM Orlando to be in one spot, from staff to students, instead of spread out through the city, like we are now. So we have the opportunity to make this abandoned church camp facility beautiful and usable again.

There’s so much going on here every minute of the day, that its all I can do to stop and take it all in. I’m growing closer and closer to new friends each day, and am super excited to watch these bonds continue. I am so blessed and humbled to be a part of this ministry, and pray daily that God makes me worthy of the call He has placed on my life.

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