Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week's Thoughts...

9:33 PM
I'm leaving this week for my DTS training in Orlando. Three months there, three months in South Africa and then I'm officially a YWAM missionary and will be able to move back to Cambodia as full-time staff for a year. A lot has been going on, and I haven't been blogging too much. But as I prepare to finally drive off and leave this week, here's some of the thoughts clouding my head...

- I really need to pack. Haven't even started.

- I'm going to miss my church, Watermark, desperately. Today was my last Sunday there, and I cried.

- Am I going to be the oldest one [28 next month!] at this training school??? Am I going to fit in with a bunch of kids younger than me? Sigh...

- I'm SO happy that I got my car paid off last week! I don't have to worry about car payments at all!


- Saying goodbyes are hard. I know I'll see some of my friends again when I visit, but not all of them. There's a good chance I won't ever see some of these people again. That makes me sad.

That's just some of the stuff I've been mulling over lately. Some significant, some not. But that's where my head is. Bear with me.

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Julie said...

I love reading your blog, Joy! I love how raw and real you are, and how simply you write. Praying for you!

Joy Engdahl said...

thanks girl! i appreciate the encouragement and prayers!!