Saturday, September 4, 2010

Art + Freedom

6:51 PM
Had another great fundraiser last night! One of my favorite things about my awesome church is our love of arts and creativity. So a few months ago, when a couple approached me about putting together an art show and concert as a fundraiser for me, I thought it was a great idea. And Create:Freedom was born. We got together a group of people to get the vendors, the bands, the coffee, the food, and to help make the event a success. It wouldn’t have been possible without these people! They gathered several local vendors and crafters to come together and sell their art and merchandise, while donating a percentage to my cause as well. Dark Cycle Clothing, Heaven Rules, Got Mustard Seed?, Bijou Bloom, Merchline, Initiative Prints, and Cheyenne Christian Photography were just a few of the great vendors represented. And the bands that played were just fantastic. St. Pete’s The Sun Society started the night on a high note, with a sunny blend of folk and pop. Watermark’s own Preson Phillips played next, with their folk worship favorites. They rocked some of our Sunday morning classics, and even introduced a brand new song especially for last night’s event. Mr.Enc closed the night out, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay to hear him [darn that surgery recovery!], but I heard he was fantastic. Hundreds of people came through the doors to Create:Freedom, and its my hope that they walked away with some great art, some new music, and awareness about an issue that’s hurting our world. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it such a successful event!

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