Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chapter Closed

10:41 PM
This week, in the midst of continuing to recover from surgery, I am also finishing working for my job. Pre-surgery plans had me roadtripping over the next 2 weeks to see friends and family, but sadly that too has changed. Nonetheless, my final work date was set, and this week I had to say goodbye to job I had the privilege of doing for 2 ½ years. I worked for a non-profit, IMPACT, as a program coordinator. We are the prevention department collaboration of two local pregnancy resource centers. I was so lucky to work with not just one pregnancy resource center, but two amazing centers in our city. These centers are on the front lines of the battle for the lives of the unborn. I was in awe over the work they accomplish daily. But it was our department that got to speak to thousands of high school & middle school students yearly about making healthy life decisions. Everything from saying no to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco to why & how to wait until marriage to have sex. It hasn’t always been an easy job, that’s for sure. You try walking into a public high school health class and say the word abstinence with a straight face. It’s not a popular mindset to say the least. But I believed in the message, the presentation, and I knew this students needed to hear the truth. Even if they didn’t know it. The best part of my job was really the students. Because there were more than a few that whole-heartedly agreed with what we had to say. They made commitments, and we were able to encourage them in their lifestyle. These kids made the hard parts of my job worth it. The past 3 summers, I took a team of high schoolers out everyday to YMCA’s, Boys & Girls Clubs, and rec centers to talk to middle school students about these same life choices. It made for a LONG, yet rewarding summer. During the school year, I'd get to do monthly clubs, regular fun events [like Ugly Prom dances!], and retreats too. Sometimes it barely felt like work. Here’s a few of the faces that have made this job worth it…

I’ve loved this job, and this week, I’ve had to say goodbye. It’s a great cause, and a message that needs to be shared. But I knew in my heart of hearts, it wasn’t my passion. It wasn’t what kept me up at night and brought tears to my eyes. Now, as I close this beautiful chapter, a new one is about to open. One that aligns my faith, my gifts, my talents, and my passion. I’m so lucky…

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