Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Home is Where the Heart is

7:18 PM
So, home is a little cozier these days, with my husband all moved in now. It's pretty great actually. True, he came with more stuff, but everything has pretty much found a place, even some leftover wedding stuff, and our camper is feeling more and more like home. Here's a few new pictures of our latest "additions"!

IKEA does such a great job with essential items for small places! Our little kitchen nook is complete!

A bookshelf, a mail basket, hooks for keys & flashlights, and artwork displayed. What an entrance. Now only if that rug would come in that I ordered...

Our mini fridge, for the extra space & is leak-free, doubles as an end table to our couch, and shelving unit for our wooden display boxes!

Why yes, those are new throw pillows for the couch! Look so great on our black slipcover too!

Our first Christmas tree, all of 3 feet, but is all ours! And so is our new blue tooth compatible stereo system. Yay for streaming music!

Refrigerator art! Pictures from photobooths, wedding invites & cards, love notes and more adorn our cute little wood panel fridge. You'd think we were in love or something! ;)

Most recent addition...a new 32" flat screen TV! A great wedding gift from my parents that allows for all streaming of Netflix, The Daily Show, and Colbert Report to be seen on a screen almost as large as our wall.

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