Saturday, December 3, 2011

Circle of Friends

7:06 AM

Every day it seems like someone else has posted some new photos from my wedding. And I love it! I love seeing my incredibly amazing special day through everyone else's eyes. The details that they captured, the friends they made, and the good times they had. A few photos have really stood out to me, because they capture my many circles of friends.

This is a photo of some of my oldest [not old!] and dearest friends. I've known each of them over 10 years, have stood in their weddings and held their children. We've had so many great memories, and some really bad ones too. I can call any one of these girls no matter when or for what, and they will answer. I may not see them or talk to them everyday, but our friendship runs deep. I love these girls with my whole heart.

This is a photo of my incredible church friends. My life has changed so much since attending Watermark Church almost 4 years ago, and some of these relationships are what have changed me for the better. My faith is deeper and my thirst for God is stronger than ever before. There's just something special about growing in your faith with a group of people that connects you to them.

And these are my DTS-mates. Those who trained with me in Orlando just over a year ago, during my initial school with YWAM Orlando. I lived with some, and traveled across the world with them too. Every day for 6 months, these amazing people were my nearest and dearest friends. And they were the ones who saw the beginning of my relationship with Creagon unfold. The guys that lived with him "called us" early on. And the girls that lived with me stayed up late listening to me analyze his latest comment. A DTS is a life-changing experience no matter where you do it, and forever will these friends be part of my life, either big or small.

And now that I'm married, I get a new circle of friends! Those that my husband that has built over the years. What a privilege.

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