Thursday, December 8, 2011

Land of Smiles

7:34 PM
Thailand. A country known for its beautiful beaches, and exotic animals. But unfortunately, Thailand is also known for its human trafficking, sex tourism, and excessive prostitution as well. This is the country that Creagon and I lead a base-wide prayer time for this week, in which over 60 of our staff and students engaged in spiritual warfare for this country. Every week, our base has a time of worship and warfare for a specific country or people group. This quarter alone we've prayed for London, Libya, Turkey, Dominican Republic, human trafficking within in the US, India, and more. I chose to lead a week on Thailand, because I'm staffing the school that is going there on their outreach and Southeast Asia is very near and dear to my heart. All week at meal times, Creagon and I have been sharing prayer points, and spending 30 seconds or more lifting these requests to God. This morning, we spent an hour and half worshipping and warring on the behalf of the Thai people. I specifically felt that as we prayed for Thailand, we were to pray against certain strongholds that oppress the people and the country. The 6 I felt that God gave us to pray for this morning were: Buddhism, Human Trafficking, Lust, Worthlessness, Escapism, and Fear. We spent time praying that God would break down these strongholds and they would no longer have a place among the people of Thailand. Then we spent time praying blessings, Scriptures and words of life over Thailand in each of these areas. As a visual representation, I had a poster board for each stronghold. As we moved from station to station and began to pray blessings & life, we wrote those words on Post-It notes and put it over the stronghold. By the end of our prayer time, the entire poster board was covered. It was a beautiful picture of what God wants to do in Thailand.

And we also spent some time praying for the team going there in just a few short weeks. They will be ministering in the red light district and the slums of Chang Mai. Their goal will be to build relationships and share the light and freedom of Jesus. They could literally be the physical answers to the prayers we prayed today. It was a beautiful and freeing time of worship and warfare. I just love making an eternal difference in the world.

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