Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Heart for Africa

10:11 PM

I was never one of those missionaries who longed to go to Africa. I’ve met so many aspiring missionaries or justice workers whose hearts had been burdened for Africa. That’s never been me. I’ve definitely wanted to visit…but I wouldn’t have called it a passion. So once I found out that our outreach was going to be in South Africa, I began to pray that God would give me a heart for its people. And after being here just a week and a half, I believe He is stirring in my heart, especially when it comes to HIV/AIDS.

Did you know that 3 million people die of AIDS every year? That’s like 20 747’s crashing every day for a year.

14,000 people are infected everyday with this virus. That’s about one every time you take a breath.

150,000 people die every month in Africa from AIDS.

These are the hurting people I have the chance to visit and bring hope to. I was already pumped up last week when I found that I’d be a part of bringing the message of sexual purity to the women of South Africa, but after hearing these facts, my heart has begun to break for this continent. These people NEED a message of hope and deliverance. And I get to be that messenger. What an honor.

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