Friday, October 29, 2010

Worship & Warfare

4:59 PM
Every week we have a prayer focus on a different country from around the world or an injustice. During lunch and dinner, we have "prayer points" which give us specifics on what to pray for each country/cause. It's one of my favorite parts of the day [not just because its when I'm eating] because I feel like it's really giving us a heart for the nations and what's happening around the world. A different staff person leads each week, and its usually someone who has been to and ministered in that country. On Thursdays, we have an extended time called Worship & Warfare. We sing and worship, and then spend some time in extended prayer for these nations. We've prayed for Turkey, as there's a YWAM Orlando DTS outreach there right now. We've prayed for the Dominican Republic, as a YWAM Orlando staff family is about to move to our base there. We've prayed for China, as several staff have lived/served there.

This week we prayed for India. I loved this week because first of all, I've been to India, so I had a first hand experience of the people and a sense of the country. Also, because part of my DTS is going to India on their outreach, including my friends Stephanie, Amanda, and Adam. So we prayed over their outreach and were able to learn more about what their ministry focus would be. One focus is human trafficking! My heart broke all over again for these victims and this injustice. Here's a powerful video they showed that I just had to share with you. Watch and join with me in prayer for these enslaved.

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