Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Original Design

4:42 PM
Ever wonder who God originally designed you to be? Not the person the world shaped you into, but the creation that God formed, knit together, wove in our mother’s womb [Psalm 139]. It’s so easy to let the scars that sin and this world and Satan have left on us define who we are today, and yet claim we know who God made us to be. But what if we could ask God who He originally created? Well, can’t we?

This week our YWAM leaders prayed over each of us individually and asked God to reveal our original design. And He did! Now before you start thinking I’ve joined a cult and am getting my fortune told, don’t worry, its not creepy at all. It’s just going to God in prayer, and asking Him to speak on the behalf of someone. It’s actually pretty exciting!

I prayed with Jesse and Kristen, two school leaders whom I’ve had very little interaction with. Immediately, they both said God told them my name was not a mistake. God intended me to reflect his joy daily, by name and spirit. They also saw that I was creative and inventive when it came to dealing with the attacks of the enemy. God has given me the ability to see sin for what it is, and expose it. I’m His “warrior princess” [like Xena…haha] and beautiful. My words, through either writing or speaking, carry truth and I shouldn’t be afraid to uncover the lies of Satan. Finally, Kristen got the word “diligence”, which I almost laughed at, because I am far from diligent. I struggle with discipline daily. But as she prayed into it further, she saw me working diligently in peace. And I thought that was a pretty big deal. God didn’t design me to struggle against laziness and apathy. Those are Satan’s tools to keep me inactive and ineffective for the Kingdom. And I refuse to let him manipulate me anymore. What freedom.

Everything that Jesse and Kristen shared resonated with my soul. I knew it was from God because it was line with His character, didn’t contradict His Word, and filled me with a spirit of peace. I can claim these truths over my life, and even go back to God myself and ask Him how else He originally designed me to be. Will you find this sense of freedom too?

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