Sunday, July 18, 2010


2:29 PM
Well, I've been kinda silent here in blog-world lately. Plenty has been happening, I just haven't been posting all that much. I've kinda just been enjoying the silence.

I'm housesitting for two weeks and its silent here too. See, back in January I moved in with my parents again. And at 27 and having already lived on my own, it wasn't the most fun thing I did this year. I mean, I know it was the right decision for my finances and my parents are great, so it was no big deal. But I am with people all the time, and there's very little 'me' time. Opportunities for silence are few and far between. So this past week, being on my own again, I've been enjoying the quiet.

So my blog has been equally as quiet. But I think quiet is what I've needed.

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