Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fundraising Events and More!

5:56 PM
Things are definitely picking up in regards to my fundraising! It’s exciting to see what God is doing. It’s completely humbling. I made a comment on my Facebook page the other day about how amazed I am at God’s faithfulness in despite of my own unfaithfulness. Several people liked it, so I know you guys out there know how I feel. Sometimes in the busyness of my days, I find myself sinning, or distracted, or forgetting to pray, and then I get a phone call or an email from someone who wants to help me raise funds. And I’m just like “wow, God, you are truly doing this”. That’s been my month. People coming alongside of me, helping me reach my goal. So far with the amount I’ve collected and the amounts pledged, I am OVER 50 percent!!! Praise God! There’s still a ways to go, but I feel like I’ve jumped a hurdle. He’s got me. We can do this. A HUGE thank you to all of you out there that are supporting me. Here’s a few upcoming events that you can be a part of and help my cause at the same time!

On-line Mary Kay party. One of my dear friends is a Mary Kay consultant, and she has generously offered to donate 30 percent of the sales I bring in this month to my trip. Here’s a link to her online store, where you can browse the full online catalog, and purchase items right from home, without having to attend a party. Whether you use their makeup or not, there’s always something you can use. Great skincare is a must for us all! Plus, you can feel beautiful on the outside and good on the inside too, knowing you are helping women and children escape a life of slavery and abuse around the world. Visit Katie’s online shop today!

Mission Rescue. You are invited to an evening of tea and desserts at the Empress Tea Room and Bistro [Tampa, FL] on Thursday, August 12th. Doors open at 6:30pm. Join others in making a difference in the world of human trafficking. There is power in one, and together we can make a change. A minimum donation of $20 will go towards sending me to Cambodia.. Your small donation WILL make a HUGE difference.

Create:Freedom Art Fair. Create:Freedom is a gathering of artists, musicians and creatives from the greater Tampa Bay area for one common purpose: FREEDOM. 27 million men, women, and children are enslaved in our world right now, which is more than any other time in history. Southeast Asia is a source and destination area for human trafficking, or modern-day slavery. And Cambodia is right at the heart. Tens of thousands are working as prostitutes in Cambodia right now, and many of them are just children. Create:Freedom desires to not only bring awareness to this country and issue, but also to do something about it. The event will provide information about human trafficking and the sex trade and also provide a chance for people to donate to an organization [YWAM] that is actively working to help these girls in Cambodia. This event will be Friday, Sept. 3 at the Springs Theatre in Tampa, FL. Doors open at 7pm. Suggested donation of $5 at the door.

If you are in the Tampa area, feel to free to come to any of these events. And bring your friends! I’m really excited about all these upcoming opportunities to share my passion and this cause with others. Please keep me in your prayers as well.

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