Friday, July 2, 2010

Follow Me Friday!

5:56 PM
In blog world, followers are gold. For all of us that write our whimsies to our deepest thoughts, knowing that people are reading is the greatest satisfaction. As a way to connect with other bloggers and find some fun new reads, I joined NYC Island Gal's Follow Friday list. Check out her blog, and find some other awesome bloggers!

And for those of you just finding my blog, let me tell you a little about myself...

I am 20something Tampa, FL native and have been blogging for 3 years. I currently work for a non-profit, IMPACT, which helps teens make healthy life choices. I am in the process of fundraising for my next great as a full-time missionary in Siem Reap, Cambodia, helping to rescue girls enslaved by sex trafficking.

-Greatest, art, reading, movies/TV, travel and my Savior, Jesus Christ

-Greatest fears...creepy crawlies, heights, not mattering in this world

-Greatest passions...justice, freedom for the captives, creativity

Thanks for finding and following me! Happy Friday!

About the author

Joy Muldoon is a full-time missionary and part-time blogger. Read about her travels, adventures, and missions here!


sEy said...

Thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog.

You are right that followers are precious because you will learn a lot from them. When they share their ideas and views you'll learn from it not only from the one race but from some from different part of the world.

Blogging really makes the world small so that we could reach out for our fellow men who are in need.

I am glad to have found one god fearing blogger and I am with you on your mission. From now on you'll be in my prayers.!!!

Joy Engdahl said...

thanks for the encouragement. and yay for new blogger friends!