Saturday, April 17, 2010

When it Rains, it Pours

12:24 PM
I consider myself positive and upbeat. In any given situation, I try to see the glass as half full. But fundraising has really put my positivity to a test. Logically, its impossible. I’m trying to raise a significant sum of money in a time when the economy is at its worst and people are cutting expenses more than ever. And I’m asking people to give. But spiritually, I know God will provide. I have the faith that this is something he has called me to. He will provide, whether through his children, through his church, or through unbelievers. I don’t know. But I know he will. And this week was a reminder, a boost in faith that I needed.

Last Friday, I attended a Mary Kay/Stella & Dot party at my friend Becca’s. It was a super cute night, and I was able to meet new people, which is always fun! Becca had also asked if I could bring information on my trip to set up to share with everyone. I had some really neat conversations about the ministry I’d be doing there. The girl who was selling the Mary Kay suggested I host a “charity event”, in which a percentage of all sales would go towards my trip. How exciting is that?? One of my best friends, Katie, is a Mary Kay rep and is so excited to help me in this way.

On Monday, I had lunch with God-ordained friend of mine, Tami. The reason I call her “God-ordained” is because it was truly God that brought us together. For about 2 years, she had been dreaming of this ministry she would start one day, called Heaven Rules. Its vision was to support ministry and causes happening around the world, through selling tshirts. As she dreamed and planned and shared with people her passion, four different people told her about me and my trip. So she reached out and said we “needed” to meet. Her passion is contagious and her faith is so strong, and I’m so glad brought us together. So, Heaven Rules has taken on me as a fundraising effort. And Tami is one for networking! Just over 2 days, she set up potentially huge awareness events for us! These events will not only allow people to find out about our ministries, but could also bring in some serious funds! Heck yes.

One interesting result of being invested in this cause for so many years now is that I have somewhat become known as “Human Trafficking Girl”. I get all the Facebook invites on the cause, movie recommendations, and news articles sent my way. Which is really cool, honestly. Because of this association, my cousin, Morgan, who is a freshman in college, texted me on Wednesday and told me about an event her college was doing on sex trafficking. I was immediately interested, because I knew it was a Christian university that would be sensitive to missions. I contacted the people in charge, and got an open invite to their follow up event next Thursday, which is a way to get students involved in fighting modern-day slavery. So me and Tami [with her shirts to sell] will be there!

So that was my week. Just one week. I love that my God anticipates my needs before I even know them. He ordained so many things, and touched the hearts of so many people to make this week happen. And I know he isn’t done yet.

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