Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Morning Loves

3:10 AM

There's a blog that I religiously follow by Promise Tangeman, who is an incredible artist, designer, photographer, and creative. One of my favorite posts she regularly puts on her blog is her Five Things I Love, and it's basically a post about 5 things she loves! So clever. I decided to "borrow" the idea and start posting my Monday Morning Loves each Monday morning. Mondays can be rough, so I like to start the day thinking about some of my favorite things. I'm going to keep it light and fluffy, so obviously some big things I love won't be here [God, family, friends]. These are just a few glimpses into my soul. So here's my first!

1. Kurt Halsey. He is my all time favorite artist. I even have a tattoo of his work on my foot. His designs are whimsical, clever, heartwarming, and often sad. Just like life. Art is such a big part of my life, and I feel like Kurt Halsey draws life as I see it. Sometimes dark and dreary, blurry around the edges, and sometimes bubbly and colorful. So take a peek and enjoy some of his work!

2. My iPod Touch. Oh, where was I before this purchase?? It not only holds my 32GB music collection, but also my favorite photos, video clips I enjoy, my day to day calendar, and hours of countless entertainment [Words With Friends!]. Maybe I am slightly addicted to my iPod touch, I don't know. But seriously, I love that little guy.

3. GLEE. One look at my iPod playlists, or cell phone background, or key chain, or DVD collection will clue you into this one. I love the TV show GLEE! It combines snarky dialogue, over the top musical numbers, and high school drama. How can anyone NOT like this show! It's become such a phenomenon, and I'm just along for the ride. It's only aired 12 episodes, and already all of America is in love. This week marks the return of the first season, and I can not wait. And maybe I'm crushing a little on the cutest glee club teacher around, Mr. Schue [Matthew Morrison], but can you blame me!?

4. Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade. This delish drink is my standard summer beverage. It's cool and sweet and all around refreshing. Made with Tazo's Passion Tea, the blend of lemon makes it a summer must. Plus, with my own reusable Starbucks cup, I save on each fill-up! Yes please!

5. Mumford & Sons. This band rocks my world. I actually wrote an entire post about them a few months ago. M&S is a British bluegrass band with powerful lyrics and compelling music. It's a CD that I can listen straight through and never skip a track. Typically my band crushes wear out quickly, but since I discovered this gem back in February, I can't get enough. Check them out, I promise, you won't regret it!

So there you have it! Five things I love this Monday morning. Stay tuned every Monday for a little more insight into what makes my crazy heart beat.

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Joy Muldoon is a full-time missionary and part-time blogger. Read about her travels, adventures, and missions here!


DeMo said...

hello! i found you on 20sb and i wish that i could hang out on your blog for a little longer but i have to get back to work. :( i am going to bookmark it though to come back to later!

btw, love glee too! except i was watching lost this week and missed the first ep of glee last night. :( thankfully there's hulu for desperate times like this!

Joy Engdahl said...

hey! glad you found my blog! and yes, glee and lost are my tuesday night must-haves. hulu is a blessed thing!