Monday, April 26, 2010

Morning Morning Loves

11:23 AM

1. Traveling. I'm sure the posts on my blog as well as the pictures kinda gave this one away. I love love love to travel. Whether its a new country, a new state or a new city, I just love it. There's just something exhilarating about discovering something new, something that I've never seen before. Or having a favorite place that I can visit over and over again. I definitely have some travel in my future. With my training for Cambodia, I'll be spending 3 months in Orlando, FL [a new city!] and 3 months overseas [still don't know where yet though]. I'm also planning a road trip to visit some friends and family before heading out! Good times ahead!

2. Relevant Magazine. Magazines are usually something I browse through, but barely buy. But Relevant Magazine is one that I regularly subscribe to. Covering topics like God, progressive culture, and life, it always contains articles that I'm interested in. I usually get hooked by the great cover story, either from a celebrity to a public figure, and then go back and read each article in between. I love their book and album reviews. I'm always looking for a new read or a new band, and I can trust Relevant's recommendations, as their taste is generally right in line with my own! Plus a year subscription is $10. My budget likes that too.

3. Iron & Wine. This incredible band, who is really one guy, is one of my all-time favorites. Sam Beam's smooth voice and the beautiful sound the music makes creates a powerful combination. The "Shepherd's Dog" is my favorite album, with incredible songs like "House By the Sea", "Boy with a Coin, and "Flightless Bird, American Mouth". It's easy to listen to, makes for great background music, driving music, or laying out music.

4. TOMS Shoes. I'm unlike most girls in several ways. One way is that I'm not a shoe shopper. I don't own hundreds of pairs of shoes. But one shoe company almost turns me into one of those. TOMS Shoes not only puts out great quality and super comfy & cute shoes, but the shoes also serve a purpose. With every shoe purchased, another pair is donated to children around the world who don't have any shoes. Going barefoot often prevents kids from going to school, being able to find work, and even being able to stay healthy. TOMS Shoes does regular shoe drops around the world to help change these kids lives. And my shoe purchases help!

5. Hipster Puppies. Oh the novelty website. Hipster Puppies is exactly like it sounds. Puppies who look like hipsters. Seriously, what's funnier. And they are creating a book soon. Now that's even cooler.

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