Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Family Night with My {Soon-to-be] New Family!

10:59 PM
Today I met a new family. I visited the YWAM Orlando base, where I will be attending the Fall 2010 Compassion & Justice Discipleship Training School. I’ve been so anxious to visit, and to see what the program was all about and how I’d be living for 3 months! And I’m so happy that I went, because it just made me more excited.

Anyone that I had ever talked to at YWAM Orlando had been super nice, so I was expecting the same in person. They did not disappoint! I was shown the facility by two staff girls who were just great. One had actually helped lead the last Compassion & Justice DTS and filled me on some the experience. I met plenty of other staff and students, and was quickly overwhelmed by names and faces.

YWAM Orlando not only does DTS’, but secondary trainings, which can be anything from Basic Leadership, to Ministry Development, to Worship. And these schools are basically to intensify your training and calling to full-time missions. So there are a number of students at the base at any given time. Students range from 18 – 30 in the basic DTS, like I’m doing. Most students decide to do a DTS because they really have no career/education path and feel God’s call into ministry. It’s a great refining tool. I’m a bit odd [shocking] in the sense that I actually know where I want to end up, and the DTS is a means to that end. But that being said, I’m stoked for the training that will take place in Orlando.

Each of the 12 weeks of the lecture phase has a different topic and teacher. The best of YWAM missionaries and leadership come from all over to teach classes on spiritual development, breaking down strongholds, spiritual warfare [and so much more!] which are essential in equipping us for the next 12 weeks spent ministering overseas. My DTS outreach still hasn’t been picked, but after hearing the South Africa stories, I’d be completely happy if it was there again!

Day to day base life will be pretty low-key. The word “base” is a little misleading, as I was expecting more of a giant college building. In reality, it’s an office, and then we rent a church for classes and service during the week. Our payment to the church is cleaning and maintenance. Guess I might use my first lawnmower! Our housing is literally in houses. YWAM Orlando owns about 10 – 12 homes in 2 neighborhoods, where staff and students stay for any given time. The home I was able to see was a 3 bedroom, and housed 8 people. So it will be close quarters for sure, but I love the idea of having a “home” to come home to. In addition to daily chores, homework, and class time, the schedule is pretty lax. I know I’ll be making some trips home as well as exploring more of Orlando.

Tuesday nights are the Family Night service, which I attended. This service is open to anyone, and there were quite a few guests visiting with me. I felt welcomed by everyone I met. I have 5 months before my training begins and I want it go both fast and slow. I’m anxious to begin, but there’s still so much to do before going!

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